The Chemical Engineering Graduate Program (PPGEQ) of UFPA was created in 1991 as the Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering (CMEQ) through Resolution n ° 1953/91 of CONSEP / UFPA of 01/11/91, it was recommended by CAPES on 11/22/91 and began its activities in March 1992. Currently, 47 students are enrolled and are composed of 16 professors, 13 permanent professors and 03 collaborating professors, who assist in the provision of discipline and orientation of dissertations.

        The PPGEQ is structured in the area of "Process Development", being developed research focused on solving problems in the Amazon Region, distributed in two lines of research:

a) Engineering of Organic and

b) Inorganic Process Engineering.

        Emphasis on the topics: separation processes, applied thermodynamics, vegetable oils transformation, environmental control, modeling and simulation of processes, natural product process engineering and biotechnological processes.

        For this purpose, the Program aims to train researchers and professors for higher education in the Amazon Region, with emphasis on the qualification of Chemical Engineering professionals and related areas, aiming to supply the demand of high level technicians to work in research centers, private companies, projects and studies related to the area of concentration and research lines of the course, contributing to the expansion and consolidation of Fundamental and Applied Research, stimulating and promoting creativity, innovative capacity and talent through the Development of Processes, Technologies / Products and Technological Innovation focused on the solution of regional problems and the use of Natural Resources in the Amazon.